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Matt Wanbon and Adam Gibson
Matt Wanbon
Adam Gibson
AMfilmProductions, is a little soon to be film making company. Created by  friends, Adam Gibson and Matt Wanbon, showcasing local snowboard talent such as Justin Fram, Tyler Cheveldave, Ben Cousins, Matt Wanbon, Adam Gibson, Dakota Martin, Baylan Mcgraw, Keaton Reid, and a few others they dont care to mention. (we're kidding). Since Adam and Matt are now legends in the snowboard community, (maybe I embellished that a bit), they both are sponsored riders riding for Island Snow Board Shop (I am seriously impressed).
So far AMfilmProductions is based on You Tube and  Facebook but these young entrepreneurs have plans to make a full length film and hopefully have their own website in the future. Adam and Matt are both 15 years old, are currently attending Mount Boucherie Secoundary School, and ride at Big White Ski Resort. (of course!). Hey, all kidding aside. We understand what it takes to make great videos and we wish Matt,Adam, and all their friends the best of luck. We will be watching out for you future filmmakers so please keep us updated. If you're into some awesome snowboard videos, head over to Youtube and check these guys out. AMFilmProductions on Youtube                                                                                                                                    

Mark Irving
Mark Irving, a captivating singer/songwriter based out of Kelowna, BC. has been songwriting for over 15 years.His most recent success was winning a cross Canada talent search hosted by GMA Canada 2010 in Calgary, AB. with over 400 competitors. Mark Irving is headed out on another tour of Alberta stopping first in Calgary to record his debut EP entitled “Memories of Tomorrow”. He has sold several hundred copies of his demo self titled release but would like to release an EP with recording quality that matches the writing quality. Join Him in Alberta for this joyous occasion or follow him on twitter or Facebook. A good friend of mine sent me an email and gave us the heads up about Mark. Well, I can honestly say this guy has talent. My favorite song is "While You Hide". Check out Mark Irving on his website.
Also, you can see Mark this week at the Minstrel Cafe on Jan 14 at 8 PM. All the best of luck Mark. Give us a heads up when your album is released.Enjoy this soundclip.

Dan Oig
Dan is a Singer-Songwriter and his songs are a reflection of life. He will try to keep 'em clever, musically catchy, fun, and of course his own flavour. Dan Oig lives in Kelowna, B.C. If you live in Kelowna, and your in the mood for some great local talent, check  whatsupkelowna's "live music" tab for all the local listings.

Here's Dan's latest song "Just Feels Right".

Check him out on facebook and Youtube.
Dan Oig Facebook.
Dan Oig Youtube

Just Feels Right by dan.oig

UMIKEBU (pronounced OO-MEE-KEH-BOO) is a Japanese pop group formed in Japan by two members. One of them is Hiroumi Takatsuka from rural, southern Japan. The other member is Kevin Crocker, from Kelowna, B.C. Canada.

UMIKEBU's sound is a little bit of everything. With strong influences from electronica acts like BT, Hybrid, Chicane and ATB to alternative groups such as Coldplay, Gorillaz and Supercar, It's hard to nail this group to a specific genre.

Kevin Crocker, the band's producer has coined the genre "Orchestronic" blending together the melodic sounds of electronica with the emotional, smooth sounds of strings.

They have finished their first music video "Constant" Sung entirely in Japanese, this song is sure to be the first single off their forthcoming album.

Matthew Phoenix (Musician)

A powerful artist with a powerful story synonymous with the name he wears with honor.
His debut full length album "Surface of the moon" has been explored by fans and fellow musicians consistently charmed by its content. It enters your CD player and remains as one you want to hear again and again as the lyrics and melodies capture you and have you singing and tapping along. His beautiful voice rings strong and clear. His song writing exposes the heart of a gentle and compassionate poet and taps into a direct channel opened to his soul, each phrase sharing a view gained through intimate knowledge of a greater experience. With this work he has truly found his voice and speaks loud and clear.

Jeff Piattelli ( Musician )

Local Musician and close friend Jeff Piattelli sent me this heart-warmer. If you haven't heard his music you are probably a tourist. This guy is a wizard with the guitar and is a must check out. The song below is for your listening pleasure and if you'd like to hear more of Jeff's music, check him out on Myspace or Facebook.
Listen In - Jeff Piattelli by whatsupkelowna

Matt Butterworth ( Photographer , Videographer , Video Producer )

Sure the video is out-of-season, but any chance to watch local Casey Groves kill it at home is a good thing

Jason Babakaiff ( Photographer )

I have known Jason for about a year now and he helps me with my photography and all my crazy ideas. Jason currently works at Lens and Shutter and really knows his photography. If you're looking for a great photographer, give Jason a call. You definitely should check out his website. If you have questions regarding anything photography or need any camera gear? Give him a call at Lens and Shutter.
Jason Babakaiff Photography

Quinn Mcgraw ( DJ, Producer )

Local up-and-comer Quinn Mcgraw is crushing beats. In fact he is obliterating them. I saw this guy at Avenue and had to find out his story. Below are some tracks to keep the hump-day stoke alive.
Booking Information: ballistadubstep@hotmail.com
Fun Fact:  Kid is only 18....

Up & Down by DJ-Ballista
Pandemic by DJ-Ballista

Andy Holmes & Kelly Veltri ( Filmers , Series Producers - Reckless Abandon )

Chris ( Photographer - Clear Image Photography )

Thanks Chris over at Clear Image Photography for the pic!

Matt Galina ( Snowboarder )
Matt Galina - Showing  us the sky is for more than just The Sun
If you could cram all the love, passion, dedication, and fun, of everything that is snowboarding into one person, It would be Local Shredder Matt Galina. A bro among bros. Not to mention a Guru, Matt can do basically every trick or line in the book. Shredding for Compatriot Snowboards , S.O.B , and a few others I'm sure. (sorry if I missed one Matty) Check back here at Whatsup for more to come from Matt Galina.

Josh Racho ( Musician )

Local Musician Josh Racho sings his version (cover) of "Hey Ya" , Mario Kart Love Song, as well as an original "Its Been Said". Sit back and enjoy one of Kelowna's up and coming talents!
Josh Racho by whatsupkelowna

Josh Racho - Lean On Back (Original) by whatsupkelowna

Josh Racho - Mario Kart Love Song (cover) by whatsupkelowna

Almost A Few ( Musicians )

Almost A Few are self taught guitar players with a passion for making nice noise. They started playing together in Alberta before moving to British Columbia where they found instant inspiration from the beauty of the Okanagan. Combining classical guitar with blues undertones, Almost A Few take listeners on a melodic journey. Sit back and enjoy!
Almost A Few - Letting Go by whatsupkelowna